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Wedding Venues in Las Vegas

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Extravagant weddings venues in Las Vegas are extremely popular. For years, couples have flown off to Vegas to have a not-so-conventional wedding service. In fact over 100,000 people tie the knot in town each year. Valentine’s Day and New Years are two of the busiest times for weddings in Vegas and bring tons of people into town with an idea for a romantic quickie wedding. There are literally hundreds of ways to get married in Las Vegas. You can choose anything from a more traditional chapel wedding to the more outrageous Elvis weddings.

A popular wedding destination in Las Vegas is the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Here you can choose from a traditional wedding featuring chapels complete with vaulted ceilings and breathtaking stained glass windows to a themed wedding, where your imagination can allow any type of wedding that you may desire. At Viva Las Vegas, they transform their chapels into a stage show where your themed wedding will take place.

For the more traditional bride and groom, they offer picturesque fountains set amidst silk trees and lights. Or you can choose a wrought-iron gazebo under which you can exchange vows. Your every wish is their demand. At Viva Las Vegas they offer a large selection of wedding ceremonies such us theme weddings, outdoor weddings, helicopter weddings and the ever-famous Elvis wedding. Some of the other theme weddings that are available are Egyptian weddings, where King Tut is your minister, the Camelot theme wedding, where you are married by Merlin the Magician. Or perhaps you would choose a Pirate theme wedding. Your imagination rules with a Viva Las Vegas wedding.

As stated earlier, there is no limit on the outrageousness of a Las Vegas wedding. You are in complete control of how traditional or outlandish your wedding will be when you choose a wedding here. Elvis weddings in Las Vegas seems to be quite popular. Here you can have an Elvis impersonator marry you and dance to your favorite Elvis songs. Some places will even have Elvis walk you down the aisle.

Another option of Las Vegas weddings is the helicopter wedding. Here, the bride, groom and four guests can fly away in a luxurious state-of-the-art helicopter and exchange vows mid-air. These helicopters feature multi-camera video recording, surround sound stereo, climate control cabins and experienced, knowledgeable pilots.

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A less traditional choice for your Las Vegas wedding can be the limousine drive-thru wedding. Here, six passengers can luxuriate in the stretch limousines available. You will be driven to the Drive-Thru Wedding Venue where you will exchange vows in the midst of the famous Las Vegas lights. After exchanging vows, you will have two hours to begin your journey of a lifetime while driving down the famous Las Vegas Strip. This type wedding promises convenience as well as elegance.

The list of types of wedding venues available in Las Vegas goes on and on. When choosing a Las Vegas wedding to begin your new life together, you and your loved one can allow your imagination to run wild and have the wedding of your dreams.


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