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Naked Pool at the Artisan Hotel In Las Vegas

Naked pools are a hot Las Vegas trend that allow women to sunbathe topless similar to the style of many European resorts. A new topless optional pool recently opened at the Artisan Hotel boutique that allows women to swim and suntan sans bikini tops. The naked Pool at the artisan Hotel is for people 21 and over and is located right off the Las Vegas strip. It joins the other naked pools in town like the ones found at the Mirage hotel, Caesars Palace, and Mandalay Bay.

In Europe it’s commonplace to see women sunbathing or swimming topless. However if you’re a woman and decided to go be prepared for plenty of gawking from twentysomething testosterone filled men. If you’re a man intending to visit one of these naked pools be prepared to be turned away if you don’t have women in your group. Not sure about the Artisan, but some pool bouncers are instructed to turn away groups of men that aren’t accompanied by women.¬† Very often larger hotel pools are totally packed with people. With pool parties often offering DJs, light shows, drinking, and an outdoor club experience, they can be a chaotic place.

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The Artisan Hotel plans to provide a different feel from the typical Las Vegas pool. Michael Crandall¬† the director of business affairs that oversees the Artisan Hotels new naked pool recently said this, “While at the mega-resorts you are stuffed into the pool crammed with bodies, our pool parties will offer a completely different feel and vibe.” The Artisan naked pool plans on featuring special events like, “Beer Goggle Monday,” “Topless Tuesday” and “Wasted Wednesday.” On the weekend there’s also going to be five dollar fingerpainting with washable finger paints. Men can join in for a $10 fee.

This new addition to the naked pools in Las Vegas is sure to liven things up. It’s a new venue for women to get their tans, tan line free and men the chance to get a view they are sure to enjoy.

Las Vegas Rater