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Adventuredome at Circus Circus Las Vegas

Adventuredome at Circus Circus Las Vegas

The Adventuredome is located inside the Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas. One of the few hotels that still caters to families in Las Vegas the Circus Circus is a perfect choice to get out of the heat and enjoy some great family fun.

Visitors will be happy to discover that the adventuredome provides a huge assortment of activities from within it cavernous climate controlled dome. The highlight is by far the Canyon Blaster roller coaster which is the only double looped and double corkscrew ride in the U.S. If you’ve been on the Manhattan Express roller coaster at the New York New York hotel, you’ll find the Canyon Blaster to be just as, if not more exciting.

Another great ride at the Adventuredome is the Rim Runner Water Plume ride, or typically called the log ride. This log ride comes to a pretty exciting finale with a four story descent into a big splashdown that’s a real crowd pleaser. There are several other rides that require mention, like the Inventor ride which sends victims, or should I say riders hurdling and spinning into the air. There is also a bumper cars area, a carousel, a ferris wheel and a swinging pirate ship.

Check out Adventuredomes Extreme Zone where you can participate in trampoline bungee jumping or rock climbing. Or you may want to spend some time at the laser tag arena or batting cages. There is also a clown themed Imax experience called the Fun House Express.

Finally the Adventuredome has a wide variety of smaller kids rides and carnival type games where you can try winning one of those six foot tall stuffed bears you’ve always wanted.

The cost of admission is free and ride tickets are $16.95 if you are over 48″ and $12.95 for those who are 35″ to 48″ tall.

To learn more about the the Circus Circus hotel visit: Circus Circus Hotel

Mirage Dolphin Habitat

Mirage Dolphin Habitat Las Vegas

The Mirage Dolphin Habitat gives visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with dolphins. The habitat has 2.5 million gallons of seawater in three different pools. Dolphins can be watched through underwater viewing windows and above water.

Visitors can take part in interacting with these playful creatures and maybe even catch a glimpse of a baby dolphin. There are helpful employees available to answer questions and you can even watch a dolphin birth from video.

The Dolphin Habitat is next to the Secret Garden For more information about the Mirage hotel visit the Mirage hotel info or call: (702)791-7111 Admission is $10 for adults and children 10 and up, and free for children under ten.

Excalibur Midway Games

Excalibur Midway Games

The Excalibur Midway Games are a family friendly place to visit. There you can try your hand at winning one of those big stuffed giraffes you’ve always wanted play a variety of carnival games or take a ride on their Magic Motion Film Ride. In addition the Excalibur Midway features dozens of the latest arcade games.

You can find the Excalibur Midway Games on the lower level of the Excalibur Hotel directly below the Excalibur casino. Visitors kind find a similar environment to nearby Circus Circus with less crowds. The Midway feature several inexpensive eating options.

For more information about the Excalibur Hotel, visit their official website.

FastKart Speedway

FastKart Speedway Las Vegas

Built in late 2005 the FastKart Speedway is the newest addition to the world of gokart racing in Las Vegas. You can race up to speeds of 40 m.p.h, wheel to wheel with eight of your friends at this exciting racing track. The track has races that range in length from 40 to 80 laps and features fully computerized timing and scoring.

The race cars are all modeled after the famous Nascar race cars and the course is 1,150 ft long and complete with hairpin turns. Situated around the racing area are picnic tables where families can get together for lunches and parties.

In addition to gokart racing the FastKart Speedway also offers, Paint Ball, a Slugger Stadium (batting cages), gaming arcade and a Rock Climbing Wall.

For more info visit or call:

FastKart Las Vegas

121 E. Sunset Rd.

(Corner of Las Vegas Blvd & Sunset Rd.)

(702) 317-7777

GameWorks Las Vegas

Gameworks Las Vegas

GameWorks in the Showcase Mall is gamers heaven. It’s been designed by Dreamworks studio with the help of Steven Spielberg and takes high tech gaming to a new level. The variety of games to choose from is huge, you can try your ability at a virtual reality game, ride motion simulators and participate in rock climbing and even play your old arcade favorites. While games are mostly geared toward the highschool and up crowd there are many that younger kids will enjoy.

Gameworks has two levels of pricing. You can purchase a block of time for $20 an hour or you can purchase individual debit card amounts which you then insert in your game selections to play. Gameworks rewards those who show up at opening with discounted pricing.

Gameworks, Las Vegas

For more information about Gameworks visit their website at: Or call them at (702)432-GAME. Hours are from 10 a.m to Midnight Sunday  РThursday and 10 a.m to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

FlyAway Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving Las Vegas

Experience the sensation of freefalling from Flyaway Indoor Skydiving which offers you the chance to perfect your athletic ability in the sport of bodyflight. Visitors will have the opportunity to fly in a column of air, up to heights of 22 feet and experience vertical airspeeds of up to 120 m.p.h which will enable your body to fly inside.

To take part in becoming an indoor skydiver you will be required to take part in a 20 minute training class where the proper techniques and safety procedures will be taught. Next, participants will be given a flight suit, helmet and other equipment and briefed on proper etiquette for wind tunnel participation. Finally groups of five will be lead into the wind tunnel where skydivers will each receive 3 minutes of airtime.

Fly away Indoor Skydiving

Flight Prices:

Single Flight $70.00 (1 flight for 1 person)

Double Flight $35.00 (2 flights for 1 person)

Book of 5 $175.00 (5 flights for 1 person)

5 flight coaching pkg. $250.00 (by reservation only)(1 person)

For an indoor skydiving discount coupon and more information visit their website at:

Lied Children’s Museum

Lied discovery Museum

The Lied Discovery Children’s Museum is a great place for kids to go to experience interactive games involving science, nature and life. Kids can participate in many fun activities that relate to everyday life like buying groceries, using an ATM and even learning to put together a healthy meal. Kids can particpate in moving the hands on a clock and even make their own moving cartoon. There are also many fun displays where kids can take part in learning how things work, seeing forces of nature in a smaller scale and view cultural displays.

The Lied Interactive Children’s Museum is fun for children of all ages.

The Lied Museum

833 Las Vegas Boulevard North

Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone: (702) 382-3445

Fax: (702) 382-0592

contact us:

They are open on Tuesday – Sunday 10AM – 5pm

and most school holidays. the price of Admission is: $7 Adults, $6 Seniors (55 and up), $6 Military & Children (1 thru 17) and free for members & children under 1

For more info visit there website at Lied Museum

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Tassauds Wax Museum Las Vegas

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum features over 100 Hollywood stars, politicians, athletes and music icons. Not only are these figures incredibly realistic, Madam Tussuards adds an interactive twist to their museum by having live actors bring the museum to life.

Madam Tussauds allows and even encourages you to get up close and personal with the wax figures. So take the opportunity to get that photo op with your favorite star. In fact if you’re using one of those cheap cameras your friends might never know the difference.

Admission to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is $19 for adults, $14 for seniors and $9.95 for children 6-12. Kids under 6 are free. Hours of operation are 10 a.m – 10 p.m. Call (702)990-3530 for more information.

To learn more about the Venetian hotel visit: Venetian Hotel

Merlins Magic Motion Machines

Excalibur Las Vegas

Merlin’s Magic Motion Machines are the creation of special effects master George Lucas and are located on the first floor inside the Fantasy Faire Midway at the Excalibur Hotel. Merlin’s Magic Motion Machines offers two rides, Comet Impact and Dino Island.

Rides start every ten minutes at a cost of $4 and films frequently change to offer visitors a different experience throughout the day. All riders must be at least 42 inches to ride.

For more information about the Excalibur hotel.

MGM Grand Youth Center

MGM Youth Center, Las Vegas

The MGM Grand Youth Center is available to registered guests and was created to provide fun entertainment for children aged 3 thru 12. The Center also offers supervised excursions for those aged 6-16.

The center features arcade games, foosball, air hockey, and a pool table. There are four different rooms which offer a variety of activities. Kids can enjoy basketball floor hockey or even tumbling in the ‘Junior Room.’ There’s also a playhouse and childrens films.

The area is a closely supervised environment operated by enthusiastic staff. Fees can be paid hourly and meals can be added to the room bill or paid each time you pick up your child.

The MGM Grand Arcade Center features midway carnival games for stuffed animals and over 40 games to choose from. Their are kiddie rides, video games and virtual reality games.

Get more information on the MGM Grand Hotel.

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