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Bellagio Fountains

Bellagio Fountain Show Las Vegas

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino has several popular attractions in addition to their fine dining and upscale shopping areas. One of the most famous is the Bellagio’s, Dancing Fountain Show which features water fountains choreographed to music. This all sounds tame enough until you find out that the show consists of a lake that is three football fields long. It has over 1200 fountains, that shoot water up to 200 feet into the air, all accompanied by 5,000 lights and music. Overall its a spectacular sight and is a popular sight on the Las Vegas Strip.

You can find the Bellagio fountains right outside the Bellagio hotel at the intersection of the Las Vegas strip, and flamingo Road. The fountain show begins every Monday through Friday starting at 3 PM to midnight and Saturday and Sunday from noon until midnight. The show starts every 30 minutes until 7 PM, after seven o’clock the show performs every 15 minutes until midnight. During times of high wind the show is dark. It’s by far the most popular free show in town and is amazing to see, especially at night when the lights and music are mesmerizing to watch.

Another popular attraction at the Bellagio hotel is the Gallery of Fine Art Exhibition which displays temporary traveling art exhibits. The art at this display is constantly changing for more info about what is currently available you can call (702)693-7871. For more hotel information visit: Bellagio hotel.

Fall of Atlantis

Caesars Palace Shows Las Vegas

Of all those marble looking statues littered around Caesars Palace Forum Shops, did you know there are actually some that come to life thanks to the miracle of animatronics. Its true, every hour on the hour two statue shows come to life. They are called the Fall of Atlantis and the Festival Fountain shows.

The Fall of Atlantis Show takes place over a large aquarium complete with tropical fish and uses fire and shooting water to compliment the special effects of this free show. The Festival Fountain show is a little more docile and features lasers beamed on to a domed ceiling. The great thing about these shows is they are free.

Kids especially will like the large 50,000 gallon aquarium that is behind the Fall of Atlantis Fountain that contains more than 100 species of ocean critters.

To learn more about Caesars visit, Caesars Palace Hotel To find out more about shopping at Caesars, visit the Forum Shops

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas

With 2.1 million lights and a concert quality sound system the Sky Parade of the Fremont Street Experience is a dazzling display of sight and sound. Onlookers are delighted to watch the Fremont Street Experience show which takes place four times nightly.

During the day the 90 ft tall canopy provides much needed shade over the downtown area. The canopy is also equipped with heaters and a misting system to keep everyone comfortable during the different changes in climate.

The Fremont Street Experience is home to a five block long pedestrian mall which offers opportunities for shopping, gambling and eating. Admission to the Fremont Street Experience is free.

Sirens of TI

Sirens Of Treasure Island Sirens Of TI, Las Vegas

The Sirens of TI is a popular free show at the Treasure Island Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s the pirates versus the sexy sirens in this nautical adventure. Rumor has it that no man is able to resist the Sirens song. Watch as the swashbucklers try to fend off their womanly advances while firing off a few cannon rounds in the process. Will the pirates be able to resist the lure of the siren’s song?

The area in front of the show can be packed and strollers are not permitted on the promenade in front of the show area.You can find good seating inside the Tangerine Lounge at Treasure Island.

Shows start nightly every 90 minutes from 7 to 11:30 p.m and you can get more information by calling Treasure Island at (702) 894-7111

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