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Of all those marble looking statues littered around Caesars Palace Forum Shops, did you know there are actually some that come to life thanks to the miracle of animatronics. Its true, every hour on the hour two statue shows come to life. They are called the Fall of Atlantis and the Festival Fountain shows.

The Fall of Atlantis Show takes place over a large aquarium complete with tropical fish and uses fire and shooting water to compliment the special effects of this free show. The Festival Fountain show is a little more docile and features lasers beamed on to a domed ceiling. The great thing about these shows is they are free.

Kids especially will like the large 50,000 gallon aquarium that is behind the Fall of Atlantis Fountain that contains more than 100 species of ocean critters.

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Forum Shops Caesars Palace

Caesar Forum Shops, Las Vegas

The Caesars Palace Forum Shops offer visitors a truly Las Vegas shopping experience. Set in a Roman theme the Forum Shops offer many premium designer emporiums and specialty boutiques. The Forum Shops have around 150 stores and restaurants in its 250,000 sq. ft three story shopping area.

In addition to the spectacular shopping opportunities the Forum Shops provide a unique shopping environment. Visitors experience a painted Mediterranean sky that changes as the day goes on from bright morning to a twinkling night sky. The shopping area is made up of colossal pillars, sculptures, art and Italian architecture that give way to large statues that come alive. Every hour two statues come to life called the Fall of Atlantis Show

The shopping at the Forum Shops is some of the very best in Las Vegas. Some of the most famous stores are Gucci, Louis Vuitton, A/X Armani Exchange, bebe, Cache, Gianni Versace, Bernini, Christian Dior, Fendi, Polo and Ralph Lauren.

There are many really good restaurants to choose from as well. A couple popular selections are the Cheesecake Factory and Wolfgang Puck’s.

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