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Casino Games in Las Vegas

Casino Games in Las VegasHere’s some of the house advantages in the Las Vegas casinos.While its true you can beat the casino, over time the casino always wins. Here are the casino house advantages for the most popular games. The list below will give you a good

idea of what casino games are most favorable to the player as well as some helpful tips to maximize your winnings.


1.17% on banker bets, 1.36% on Player bets

Baccarat has a very low house advantage and this makes it one of the best bets in the casino.

Big Six (Wheel of Fortune)

11% to 24%

The big six is popular not only in casinos but also in fairs and carnivals. Remember the last time you tried to win something at the fair? It’s not easy, and the casino big six is no different.


0.5% to 6% on most Blackjack games

Single deck blackjack games that pay a 21 at a 3-2 payout instead of the more common 6-5 payout should be sought out for the most favorable results.


1.4% to 16%

Taking odds on your craps bet is a way to lessen the house advantage even further than the above percentages. Casino Royale and the Stratosphere are both casinos that have favorable odd rules for craps players.


20% to 35% (The worst bets in the casino)

Not all keno games are alike, many casinos that cater to locals offer players a better chance at winning.


2.7% (with single zero wheels) – 5.26% (with double zero wheels)

A single zero roulette wheel should be sought out whenever possible to drop the house advantage down to a much more favorable 2.7%


2% to 25% (Las Vegas average is 8%)

Playing higher denomination slots typically pay a higher rate of return. Slots in downtown casinos tradionally have been found to be looser than their Vegas strip neighbors.

Keep in mind to sign up for the casino slots club to acrue additional perks and comps from the casino based on your play.

Video Poker:

1% to 12%

Look for a Jacks or Better video poker game with 9/6 payout schedule and remember to play maximum coins if you are playing a progressive video poker game to qualify for the top prize.

Las Vegas Rater