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Best Casinos In Las Vegas

The Best Casinos In Las VegasEveryone has a different idea about what makes a best casinos in Las Vegas. Do you know the best casinos in Las Vegas to find the best rules for blackjack, the highest odds on craps, or the loosest slots? Find out below which casinos offer the best chances for you to maximize your winnings in Vegas.

Keep in mind that many casinos offer special promotions on games that can change daily. What is shown here is a list of the casinos that consistently provide favorable odds and payoffs to players.

Best Casinos For Blackjack

When you play a blackjack game with a single deck and a blackjack payout of the traditional 3-2 payout rules you can benefit by using basic strategy to drop the casino edge to .015%. If you are looking for the most favorable blackjack game make sure that it is not paying blackjack payouts of 6-5 or even worse even money.

Here are some casinos that have favorable blackjack rules.

Single Deck BlackJack

Binion’s Horseshoe, El Cortez, Fiesta Rancho, Las Vegas Club

Double Deck Blackjack

Bellagio, Mirage, Texas Station, Treasure Island

Best Casinos For Baccarat

Playing baccarat is fun due to its simple rules and low casino edge. Look below for the best places to play this sophisticated and entertaining game.


Caesars Palace to experience an environment that caters to baccarat players.

Palace station for non-stop baccarat and low table limits.

The Golden Nugget has a segregated baccarat area and lower limit tables.

Best Casinos For Bingo

Casinos that feature bingo on the Las Vegas strip are in short supply, however their are some great places to play in the nearby areas. Here are some of the bingo standouts that provide the nicest surroundings and bingo freebies.

Bingo’s Best

Palms casino offers their Bingo players free slot play and bingo coupons.

Sunset Station has a new 500 seat bingo room, that is a pleasant and stylish place to play.

Texas Station is huge and caters to bingo players as well as offering free snacks.

Best Casinos For Craps

The best way to lessen the casino edge on the game of craps is to play at a casino that offers high odds on a line bet. Here are a few casino choices that have great odds on line bets.

Craps Best Odds

Casino Royale is right on the Las Vegas Strip and offers the 100X odds and low limits.

The Stratosphere consistently offers 10X odds at their casino.

Craps Funnest Setting

The Hard Rock Casino has an upbeat and fun environment.

Craps Upscale Setting

The Bellagio has a wide variety of craps tables to choose from in a classy location.

Best Casinos For Keno

While keno is the game all the experts agree has some of the worst odds in Vegas it still has a tremendous appeal. Here are some of the places that cater to keno players.

Keno’s Best Return Percentages

The El Cortez offers return percentages in the 80% return range on their $1.00 and $1.15 tickets.

The Silverton has better than average return percentages.

Best Casinos For Poker

Not all poker rooms are built alike, if you want to play poker in an upscale environment with some additional perks not usually found at most casinos, look no futher.

Poker Rooms With An Upscale Setting

Hands down the best choice for continual action in a nice setting is the Bellagio.

Popular Poker Rooms

The Palms has a large poker room that has a loyal following with locals.

The Excalibur is a good place for low rollers to ply their trade in a boisterous casino setting.

Binions is the place that started it all. Its under new management so only time will tell how this famous card room will be affected.

Best Casinos For Roulette

To cut down the house edge on roulette the savvy player seeks out a single zero roulette wheel. Betting on single zero roulette cuts the normal house edge of 5.26% in half to the more favorable 2.7% edge. This type of roulette is commonly referred to as European Roulette and should be played over standard roulette whenever possible.

Single Zero Roulette Tables

Stratosphere has one single zero roulette wheel open 24 hours a day

Bellagio usually has at least one single zero roulette wheel going 24 hours a day.

Mandalay Bay has two single zero roulette wheels in their baccarat room.

MGM has two wheels one in the high limit area and one in the main caino

Mirage has a single zero wheel in the main casino

Low limit Single Zero Roulette

Nevada Palace has a single zero roulette open 24 hours a day at a $2 minimum.

Best Casinos For Slots

While the subject of which casino has the loosest slots is highly debatable, their are several casinos that consistantly offer better than average cash back and promotions.

Best Slots Payback

With a good paying players club and continual slots promotions the Palms has a great payback and is a favorite for slots.

The Las Vegas Hilton has a high rate of cash back on slots play, as well as a generous slots club and frequent slots promotions.

Best Casinos For Race And Sports Betting

Sports book betting in Las Vegas is a great way to enjoy your favorite sport or race while participating in some exciting gambling action. Here are the most popular places in Vegas to get your share of the winnings.

Most Popular Sportsbooks

The Las Vegas Hilton has the largest sportsbook and has always been a popular choice, due in part to its wide range of proposition bets and comfortable seating.

The Imperial Palace is famous for having a drive up sportsbook as well as offering the widest range of proposition bets in town.

Best Casinos For Video Poker

Video poker may not be the most exciting game to play in the Las Vegas casinos but with proper play it certainly has one of the best payout percentages. Here are some of the casinos that offer the best selection of video poker games and the best players club perks.

Best Video Poker Payback

The Fiesta Ranchero casino is a long time favorite for video poker selection and payback percentage.

The Las Vegas Hilton offers a wide variety of video poker and pick em poker games that have a 99.95% payback percentage with optimal play.

The Bellagio has 9/6 Jacks or Better machines that pay up to 99.5% payback with perfect play.

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