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The Stratosphere thrill rides are located a dizzying 100 stories above the Las Vegas Strip atop the Stratosphere Tower. They hold claim to having the world’s three highest ride attractions; the Big Shot, X Scream and Insanity the Ride.

Insanity the Ride holds riders sixty-four feet over the edge of the Stratosphere tower while spinning passengers at up to three G’s at a 70 degree angle. If the thought of experiencing the perfect views of Las Vegas at 900 feet while being violently flung through the air appeals to you then look no further.

The Big Shot ride shoots riders from the top of the tower, up it’s mast at a speed of 45 miles per hour. Riders experiencing 4 G’s on ascent and negative G’s on the way down. Watch out for this one, it’s scream inducing!

The X Scream is like a giant teeter totter in the sky. 866 feet up in the sky to be exact. Passengers are dangled 27 feet over the edge of the building before being pulled back and forth.

Even if you don’t care about thrill rides you should visit the Stratophere Tower for the view alone. It’s billed as the tallest free standing observation tower in the United states and get this it would have been even taller but the FAA decided against it. For a truly spectacular view of the entire Las Vegas area this ones a must see. You can also get a view without braving the lines for the tower by making reservations at the Top of the world restaurant.

Ticket prices for the observation tower are $9.95 for adults. Local, seniors and kids 4- 12 are $6.00

Ticket prices for Insanity ride, Big Shot ride and the X Scream ride are $8.00 for everyone. You can purchase an Xtreme All-day Unlimited Package for $29.95.

All rides are subject to closing due to high winds and bad weather. Minimum height for all rides is 48″. For more information call ( 702)380-7777 For more hotel information visit the Stratosphere Hotel page.

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