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Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy

Mirage Secret Garden Las Vegas

The Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy is found at the Mirage hotel and surrounded by lush plant life, indian architecture and a tropical environment. Inside you’ll find a the opportunity to get close to tigers, lions, elephants and leopards. Many of these animals have been raised by Siegfried and Roy who have an elaborate area on their estate where more than 40 white tigers share their time.

Visitors to the Secrets Garden can listen to phone like devices to get more information about the animals inside the habitat, brought to you in the voices of Roy and the designer of the Mirage Hotel Steve Wynn.

Next to the Secret Garden is the Mirage Dolphin Habitat which gives you the chance to get close to some playful bottlenose dolphins.

Cost for the Secret Garden and the Dolphin Habitat can be purchased for $15 for adults and $10 for children, ages 4-12. For more information about the Mirage hotel visit the Mirage hotel info or call: (702)791-7111

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