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Red Rock Canyon Nevada

Red Rock Canyon Red Rock Las Vegas

The scenic alien landscape of the Red Rock Canyon State Park is something out of this world. Many visitors claim to feel like they’re setting foot on Mars the first time they visit. Red Rock features an amazing variety of scenic desert cliffs, buttes and spectacular rock formations.

The park has been used for music videos and many movies because of its unique and spectacular appearance. It’s located about 12 miles west of Las Vegas and can be easily seen from the Las Vegas Strip.

After large rains the landscape of Red Rock blooms with an abundance of wildflowers and you can frequently encounter roadrunners, hawks, lizards, mice and squirrels.

Red Rock Canyon is a great place for an abundance of outside activities including hiking, biking, horseback riding and camping. Camping is limited to specific trains and designated areas.

Rock climber’s delight in the Aztec sandstone rock faces of consistent solidarity and the abundance of good rock climbing areas within the park. Some of the most popular areas to climb in red rock canyon are the Calico Hills, Sandstone Quarry and the Wilson Cliffs.If you decide to go to Red Rock Canyon make sure you bring plenty of water as temperatures can get as high as 105 degrees in the summer.

For more information about camping at Red Rock Canyon visit the BLM’s website

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