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Rapper Flavor Flav to Open Fried Chicken Restaurant in Las Vegas

Is Flavor Flav bringing his fried chicken restaurant to Las Vegas? According to recent reports, rapper Flavor Flav of the rap group Public Enemy, and reality TV show the Surreal Life is in talks with executives about bringing his brand new fried chicken franchise to Las Vegas. His restaurant is currently called Flav’s Fried Chicken and has been open for business in Clinton Iowa since earlier this year.

According to grumblings from some of Flavs employees there has been a little trouble at the Iowa restaurant. Flav’s Fried Chicken is being investigated due to complaints from several former employees who have said their paychecks have bounced. In response to questions regarding the payments to his employees, Flav said that “mistakes happen” in the restaurant business.

Flav is said to have met with Riviera casino chied executive officer Andy Choy about opening inside the hotel. TMZ has reported that things went well in the discussion and the deal is going through some las minute number crunching and analysis.

Flavor Flav recently had this to say about the restaurant business, “I always said to myself, ‘Col. Sanders, you better watch out, Your boy Flava Flav is coming and you better watch out.” Flavs real name is William Drayton Jr and like KFC he claims that his chicken also has a secret recipe. He hopes the success of his restaurants will lead to a national restaurant franchise.


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