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Las Vegas the Good and the Bad

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If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas to good idea to know what to expect including the good and bad the city has to offer. As many people have heard Las Vegas has some great things to offer including abundant hotel room specials, exciting giveaways, and abundant low-cost food and drink amenities. However there are also some things you may want to avoid including certain areas of Las Vegas, daytime traffic in certain spots, and even noisy hotel rooms. Here’s a list of some of the good and bad that Las Vegas has to offer.

The Good

Some of the best entertainment in the world. Las Vegas is known for providing some of the best entertainment choices you can find. Everything from comedy, music, nightlife, and outrageous entertainment can be found in here. One of the great things about Las Vegas shows is they are often intimate performances where you can get up and close to your favorite performer. Some of old-school performers often even play for free at hotel night club’s and showrooms.

In addition to all these great entertainment selections, Las Vegas restaurants are some of the best in the world. Chefs from all over come to Las Vegas to offer their fine dining expertise to the many beautiful restaurants in the city. Las Vegas had a massive selection of upscale restaurants to choose from. In addition you can find world-class buffets that offer practically anything you can imagine.

The deals. Las Vegas is home to some of the greatest deals on hotel rooms, drinks, and food you can find. Hotel casinos are constantly offering special promotions to entice people into their establishments. One of the ways you can get in the loop on the special deals is by signing up for a casinos players cards. Not only will this enable you to earn comps on the money you gamble, it will also enable you to receive special promotions through the mail and e-mail. Of course don’t forget about one of the most widely used deals in Vegas, the free cocktail. As long as you’re gambling you can qualify for a free beer or cocktail at the casinos.

Another great thing is the vast amount of Las Vegas hotels to choose from. Everything from budget to upscale luxury room amenities can be found in Sin City. As of this writing there is approximately 35 five in four-star hotels to choose from in town. Many of these hotels offer beautiful art, museum quality sculptures and fountains to admire. You can also find luxurious spa’s and pools to enjoy as well as world-class workout rooms and health spas.

Pretty good weather. Most of the year the climate in Las Vegas may be considered a good thing with about 300 sunny days a year. The problem is during the summer months they can get extremely hot with low humidity and temperatures over 100°. With the abundance of hotels and casinos offering cool air conditioning this shouldn’t be much of a problem for you unless you plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities during your summer vacation.

The Bad

Las Vegas has been a hit hard due to the recent economic downturn. Some of the bad the city has to offer is an extremely high unemployment rate, and astronomically high foreclosure rate. These factors have contributed to a high level of crime and vagrancy within the city. For this reason it’s a good idea to avoid walking alone at night or in certain part of town. You’re usually very safe within the hotels themselves. However it always pays to be vigilant about your surroundings to help prevent any crime.

Another thing to be aware of is losing too much money to gambling. These multimillion dollar hotel casinos cost a lot of money to build and operate. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that all of the overhead, free drinks, and scantily clad servers are all designed to separate you from your money. Just keep in mind that your vacation needs to be relaxing and fun, losing all your money is a sure way to ensure your trip is not one to remember.

All of the access to easy free alcohol can also create a lot of problems. Many people visit Las Vegas and begin drinking early and go on drinking late into the night. This can cause a huge amount of problems that you may most likely the regret when the buzz wears off. Don’t let too much alcohol impair your judgment and lead you to making bad decisions.

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For as many great hotels the city of Las Vegas has to offer there’s also a good amount of trashy, rundown places to stay. Make sure you check the reviews of Las Vegas hotels to help give you an idea that the place is somewhere you would feel safe resting your head. Las Vegas is about having fun, save you a few bucks to get in a cheaper room may often end up in disaster. Many of these off strip hotels are not close to the bars, entertainment, or restaurants that you would like to visit. One more thing to consider is the traffic which can often be horrible on the Las Vegas strip. If you plan on seeing the town by rental car, or taxi be aware that traffic jams are frequent.

So we’ve covered some of the good and bad Las Vegas has to offer. As long as you come to the city knowing what to expect and take precautions to avoid certain predicaments you’ll find it in Las Vegas is an extremely fun place. If having a good time is on the top of your list it definitely pays to be safe and plan your trip to maximize your experience.

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