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Las Vegas Hard Water

According to the Las Vegas Valley Water District in the 2010 water quality report, their findings show that the Las Vegas area does have a considerable amount of hard water containing dissolved mineral. However, they also reported that the tap water delivered meets or exceeds the state and federal health standards.

Las Vegas Valley Water District water quality is currently rated about 275 parts per million (ppm) or 16 grains per gallon. This categorization is considered very hard water. The water district supplies water to approximately 350,000 homes and businesses within Clark County. The water district receives comes almost exclusively from Lake Mead. Lake Mead itself gets its water from the Colorado River.

In order to combat hard water which can leave mineral deposits and create damage you may want to consider purchasing a water softener. Many of the more expensive homes in the area are currently outfitted with a water softener and reverse osmosis system. If you want to purchase a water softener yourself the approximate cost is between $300-$1000. There is also a monthly cost of $10-$20 a month for the salt unit requires to operate. Some of the manufacturers reduce water softener’s in the Las Vegas area are Sears and Culligan.

With the installation of water softener you can expect your dishes and silverware to become easier to clean and your clothing softer when they come out of the wash. One thing to be aware of when using a water softener is that they can be harmful for plants. For this reason it’s a good idea to not use water softener’s for external watering of your plants.


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