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How To Get An Upgraded Las Vegas Room – The $20 Trick

las_vegas_casinoTo Get An Upgraded Las Vegas Room -The $20 Trick

The easiest way to get an amazing Las Vegas room upgrade, besides just asking for it, is to try what is known as the $20 trick. There are several variations to the proper way this is done. The idea is upon check in you hand a $20 bill discreetly under your credit card to the clerk and politely ask for an upgrade.

One way to phrase this request is to casually ask the clerk “if  you have any upgrades available I would really appreciate it, my (Fill in the blank) and me are celebrating (Fill in the blank).” You would not believe the times this has worked to my amazement.

On many occasions after reserving the most inexpensive room rate I’ve been upgraded to a suite using this easy maneuver. What a way to impress your loved one when you open the door to your upgraded suite and a few minutes later the champagne arrives. If you haven’t already, try it, you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.

Just remember the key ingredients to getting an upgrade are to smile, act friendly, and ask the clerk if what you want is available. It’s pretty cool to think that a simple smile and a $20 can go a long way in Vegas.

P.S – If your asking yourself “what if the clerk takes the cash and doesn’t upgrade me?” In that case you’ve just lost your first bet in Vegas

Now if the thought of parting with a $20 is to much to bear, I suggest you turn around immediately and go back to where you came. However, for the savvy tippers there’s another strategy. It’s simply to ask the clerk if any complimentary upgrades are available while keeping a $20 bill visible. This way if they quote you a price for an upgrade you can politely decline and keep the dough. But, if they do upgrade your stay for free, you can hand over the cash with no qualms and everybody’s happy.

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