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Las Vegas the Good and the Bad

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If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas to good idea to know what to expect including the good and bad the city has to offer. As many people have heard Las Vegas has some great things to offer including abundant hotel room specials, exciting giveaways, and abundant low-cost food and drink amenities. However there are also some things you may want to avoid including certain areas of Las Vegas, daytime traffic in certain spots, and even noisy hotel rooms. Here’s a list of some of the good and bad that Las Vegas has to offer.

The Good

Some of the best entertainment in the world. Las Vegas is known for providing some of the best entertainment choices you can find. Everything from comedy, music, nightlife, and outrageous entertainment can be found in here. One of the great things about Las Vegas shows is they are often intimate performances where you can get up and close to your favorite performer. Some of old-school performers often even play for free at hotel night club’s and showrooms.

In addition to all these great entertainment selections, Las Vegas restaurants are some of the best in the world. Chefs from all over come to Las Vegas to offer their fine dining expertise to the many beautiful restaurants in the city. Las Vegas had a massive selection of upscale restaurants to choose from. In addition you can find world-class buffets that offer practically anything you can imagine.

The deals. Las Vegas is home to some of the greatest deals on hotel rooms, drinks, and food you can find. Hotel casinos are constantly offering special promotions to entice people into their establishments. One of the ways you can get in the loop on the special deals is by signing up for a casinos players cards. Not only will this enable you to earn comps on the money you gamble, it will also enable you to receive special promotions through the mail and e-mail. Of course don’t forget about one of the most widely used deals in Vegas, the free cocktail. As long as you’re gambling you can qualify for a free beer or cocktail at the casinos.

Another great thing is the vast amount of Las Vegas hotels to choose from. Everything from budget to upscale luxury room amenities can be found in Sin City. As of this writing there is approximately 35 five in four-star hotels to choose from in town. Many of these hotels offer beautiful art, museum quality sculptures and fountains to admire. You can also find luxurious spa’s and pools to enjoy as well as world-class workout rooms and health spas.

Pretty good weather. Most of the year the climate in Las Vegas may be considered a good thing with about 300 sunny days a year. The problem is during the summer months they can get extremely hot with low humidity and temperatures over 100°. With the abundance of hotels and casinos offering cool air conditioning this shouldn’t be much of a problem for you unless you plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities during your summer vacation.

The Bad

Las Vegas has been a hit hard due to the recent economic downturn. Some of the bad the city has to offer is an extremely high unemployment rate, and astronomically high foreclosure rate. These factors have contributed to a high level of crime and vagrancy within the city. For this reason it’s a good idea to avoid walking alone at night or in certain part of town. You’re usually very safe within the hotels themselves. However it always pays to be vigilant about your surroundings to help prevent any crime.

Another thing to be aware of is losing too much money to gambling. These multimillion dollar hotel casinos cost a lot of money to build and operate. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that all of the overhead, free drinks, and scantily clad servers are all designed to separate you from your money. Just keep in mind that your vacation needs to be relaxing and fun, losing all your money is a sure way to ensure your trip is not one to remember.

All of the access to easy free alcohol can also create a lot of problems. Many people visit Las Vegas and begin drinking early and go on drinking late into the night. This can cause a huge amount of problems that you may most likely the regret when the buzz wears off. Don’t let too much alcohol impair your judgment and lead you to making bad decisions.

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For as many great hotels the city of Las Vegas has to offer there’s also a good amount of trashy, rundown places to stay. Make sure you check the reviews of Las Vegas hotels to help give you an idea that the place is somewhere you would feel safe resting your head. Las Vegas is about having fun, save you a few bucks to get in a cheaper room may often end up in disaster. Many of these off strip hotels are not close to the bars, entertainment, or restaurants that you would like to visit. One more thing to consider is the traffic which can often be horrible on the Las Vegas strip. If you plan on seeing the town by rental car, or taxi be aware that traffic jams are frequent.

So we’ve covered some of the good and bad Las Vegas has to offer. As long as you come to the city knowing what to expect and take precautions to avoid certain predicaments you’ll find it in Las Vegas is an extremely fun place. If having a good time is on the top of your list it definitely pays to be safe and plan your trip to maximize your experience.

Vegas Wedding Packages

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If you’re looking for the perfect Vegas wedding package you’ll want to start with the very best. One of the great things about many of these packages is they come with a personal wedding planner to assist you and provide exactly what you need for your special day.

Whether you want a small intimate ceremony, a themed wedding, or a larger celebration you can find a package that is perfect for you.

Here’s a list of the top hotel wedding packages available right now:

Bellagio Hotel Weddings

The Bellagio Hotel offers absolutely stunning wedding packages and custom services. Here is a list of the available wedding packages at this hotel.

  • Cosa Bella Wedding Package
  • Il Sogno Di Vita Package
  • Millennium Wedding Package
  • Bellagio Wedding Package
  • Ani L’ Dodi (my Beloved) – Jewish Package
  • Deluxe Package
  • Terrazza Di Sogno
  • Commitment Package
  • Suite Package
  • Renewel of Vows Package
  • Proposal Terrazza Di Sogno (for marriage proposals at the Bellagio)

To read more about the details of weddings at the Belagio hotel click here.

Venetian Hotel Weddings

The romance and beauty of the Venetian Hotel provides the perfect backdrop for a one-of-a-kind wedding celebration. Here’s the current list of wedding packages available at the Venetian Hotel.

  • Ceremony on the water
  • Garden Romance
  • Bridge over the square
  • Palazzo serenity
  • Beautiful life
  • Good wishes
  • Good fortune
  • Good fortune terrace
  • Courtyard romance
  • Sweet Romance

To read more about the Venetian wedding packages click here.

The Mandalay Bay wedding packages

The Mandalay Bay resort offers you the opportunity to be wed in an exotic tropical locale in the heart of Las Vegas. There are three different chapels to choose from, or you may decide for an unconventional wedding by a sandy beach, shark reef, or wave pool. Here’s the most recent list of packages available at this resort.

  • Platinum skies
  • Diamond lights
  • Alluring breeze
  • Crystal Waters
  • Suite Romance
  • Opal Shores
  • Shark reef ceremony
  • Cabana ceremony
  • Summer love
  • Spring passion
  • vintage Vogue
  • Commitment ceremony
  • Chapel only

To read more about wedding packages available at the Mandalay Bay hotel click here.

MGM Grand Hotel wedding packages

You can find some elegance, an impressive traditional and themed wedding packages available at the MGM Grand Hotel. Here is a list of the current package selections.

  • Everlasting love
  • Hollywood glamour
  • The Terraza
  • Forever yours
  • Classic elegance
  • Signature patio
  • Poolside wedding
  • Ballroom wedding

To discover more about wedding packages at the MGM Grand resorts click here.

Excalibur Hotel wedding packages

If you’re looking to tie the knot at a budget price, the Excalibur Hotel offers some excellent choices. Below are the budget wedding packages available right now.

  • I DO Package
  • Sweet & Simple Package
  • Unity of Dreams
  • Journey Begins
  • Circle of Love
  • Royal Romance
  • Happily Ever After
  • Titanic
  • Vow Renewals

For more information about getting married at the Excalibur Hotel click here.

Have you gotten married in Las Vegas and want to recommend a great Las Vegas wedding package we missed on this page? Submit your review to us here, and one of our team will look at it for possible inclusion on this page.

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Best Pools in Las Vegas

The best pools in Las Vegas review is extremely subjective depending on what you’re looking for. The reviews below are provided for adults who are looking for the ultimate Las Vegas experience, amazing eye candy, beautiful scenery, and luxurious poolside amenities.

Mandalay Bay Pool

Definitely one of the best pools in Las Vegas for adults is the beach at Mandalay Bay. The luxurious pool area offers an immense 11 acres including a huge wave pool, and a winding river. You can set a refreshing cocktail from one of the many cabanas, or lounge chairs. The point here was voted Las Vegas’s premier pool experience by Trip Advisor. They have 100  cabanas for rent, the events, and private bungalows as well as personalized pool service.

They also have a topless pool, for the more adventurous sunbather. You can also enjoy a private topless pool cabana. The prices for the topless cabanas vary depending on the day of the week you go.

The Moorea Beach club provides an upscale experience with a South Beach feel that is up for the 21 and over crowd. They offer poolside massage services, and their special opium beds providing a private area, personalized services, and fresh fruit for up to four guests. At Mandalay Bay, in total there are three pool’s plus the lazy river. Two of them are heated, and one is the wave lagoon. The pool are underwent a $30 million upgrade in 2007. Click this link to find out more about the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Cosmopolitan Hotel Pool

The Cosmopolitan Hotel pool is a newer addition to the city. They really had your fun in mind when they designed this swimming area. Nearby You can play a variety of tabletop games such as ping-pong, foosball, and pool. At the Cosmopolitan Hotel you have three different experiences to choose from depending on what you’re looking for.

At the Boulevard pool you’ll find unobstructed views of the Las Vegas strip. The vibe here is social, with upbeat music, and lots of things to see and do. This is a good spot for mixing and mingling or just enjoying a cocktail and taking in the sights. The Bamboo pool was designed with your ultimate relaxation in mind. You can rely to sue the sounds, and enjoy outdoor yoga or Pilates sessions, or be pampered at their spa. This swimming area is great for people who are looking for a quieter place to hang out. The third swimming area at the Cosmopolitan Hotel is the Day Club pool. It offers a Beach club lounge type experience, which transforms into a vibrant nightclub at night. During the day you can get wet in the infinity pool, and after swimming retreat to one of the grand cabanas, or bungalows.

Bellagio Hotel Pool

The Bellagio pool is certainly one of the most extravagant. With a Mediterranean romantic theme and its impressively landscaped courtyards, it’s the perfect place to relax. While many of the other top pools on this list are all about parties, music, and social scene, the swimming area at the Bellagio Hotel is all about relaxation. You can get a poolside massage treatment, tropical fusion massage, aromatherapy, aquatic reflexology, and an upper body chair massage. Some other offerings at the poolside spa and salon at Bellagio are cool marble stones, cooling eye treatment, and SPF applications.

You can also enjoy breakfast or lunch at the poolside café, or enjoy a delicious beverage from the nearby bar. Opulent cabanas are available that come with an HD television, wireless Internet, telephone, fully stocked refrigerator, newspaper, float rafts, fresh fruit, amenities basket, and your own personal cabana host. The Bellagio pool and spa is open year-round. Click here to find out more about the Bellagio Hotel.

Caesars Palace Pool

One of my personal favorite Las Vegas pools is at Caesar’s Palace. It’s called the Garden of the Gods for good reason. This luxurious swimming area at Caesars offers six different places to choose from.  If you are looking for an amazing sunbathing spot with plenty of beautiful people the Apollo pool has got what you want. Positioned at the southwest corner, this prime sunbathing spot is positioned to provide maximum sun exposure. You can enjoy one of the seven canopy daybed’s, five cabanas, or just relax in lounge chair. The Fortuna pool offers swim up blackjack, and access to refreshing drinks at the poolside bar. The scenery here is spectacular with an 18 foot waterfall creating an amazing backdrop. The Neptune Pool is a great social spot. Plenty of beautiful people are here mingling, and enjoying the sun. You can choose from one of 24 different daybed, that are available three different varieties. There’s also plenty of lounge chairs and eight cabanas.

The Jupiter pool is designed for ultimate relaxation. It’s one of the more secluded of Caesar’s Palace swimming spots and offers plenty of comfortable areas to relax. There are five cabanas as well as daybeds, and lounge chairs. The Temple pool is Roman architecture, and decadence at its finest. This impressive round shaped lagoon is surrounded by massive pillars, statues and fountains. This swim area is shallow and a favorite for kids and families. This Temple area offers 17 daybeds, and five cabanas. Finally the Venus Pool provides European style topless sunbathing. You can quench your thirst from the roving Margherita and mojito cart, or relax in one of the 11 cabanas, 14 daybeds, or on one of four couches. As you can imagine this is a top spot for people watching, and hanging out in a luxurious setting. Click here to read more about Caesars Palace Hotel.

[box  color=blue]A new European style swimming and suntanning area just opened in Las Vegas. Click this link for more about the topless pool at the Artisan Hotel[/box]

Garth Brooks Returns to Las Vegas

Garth Brooks returns to Las Vegas this June and July for limited engagements. The Grammy award-winning country singer will perform at the Wynn Hotel inside the Encore Theatre. The theater boasts intimate seating, with all seats very close to the singer. While watching the show you will not see fancy lights, glamor, or pretentiousness, just up close action from the man himself.

AOL has called the Garth Brooks show, “Stunning.” The LA Times has called it, “Genius.” Variety magazine has called his performance, “Passionate.” CMT calls Brooks, “The pivotal figure in the history of country music, no matter how much some country purists would like to deny it.” USA Today calls his latest show, “The antithesis of Vegas glitz.”

Brooks officially retired from singing in 2000 to spend more time with his family. However he never officially left the music spotlight. The artist has released a total of 19 records, including  77 singles in his illustrious music career. Since partially coming back to performing live in 2005, he has performed several times and released two compilation albums of his biggest hit songs.  The Recording Industry Association has proclaimed Brooks to be the best-selling solo artist of the 20th century in the U.S. He’s been awarded with 16 American Music Awards, 2 Grammy Awards, 24 Billboard Music Awards, 18 Academy of Country Music Awards, 11 Country Music Association Awards, 10 People’s Choice Awards,  and 5 World Music Awards.

Attendees of the show can expect to hear many of his best fits including, “if tomorrow never comes,” “the river,” “we shall be free,” and “friends in low places.”  Garth’s shows in the past have been engaging and funny, and with a lot of interaction with the audience. The celebrity has been known to ask the audience for requests, as well as providing history into the meaning and back story of his songs.

Click this link for more information about availability of ticket reservations, show times, prices, and to Buy Tickets to Garth Brooks Shows.


Trump Hotel Las Vegas

The Trump Hotel in Las Vegas is a 64 story, non-gaming resort that caters primarily to couples. The hotel offers a total of 1232 room suites, including 880 studios, 352 one-bedroom suites, 20 one bedroom penthouse suites, 20 two bedroom penthouse suites and 10 three bedroom penthouse suites.

In each room is well appointed with European style kitchens, and attractive stainless steel appliances. Rooms have marble floors in the bathrooms and introduced. The bathrooms have twin sinks, marble counter tops, built-in 13 inch TV, and separate jet stream tub and shower. All of the rooms inside the hotel are non-smoking.

The rooms provide wireless Internet access, and cable with on-demand movies from a 32 inch LCD flat screen TV. The beds in the room are comfortable with 500 thread count linens. Each room also has a sofa sleeper. All rooms offer kitchenettes, microwaves, and cookware and utensils.

Guest services at the hotel includes valet parking, turn down service, and 24-hour concierge. There’s a heated swimming pool with private cabanas and Sun deck. 24 hour in room dining is available where an in suite chef will custom make your favorite meals in the privacy of your own guest suite.

In addition there’s a salon, a spa with beauty services/massage, and workout center. The 11,000 square foot Trump spa has nine treatment rooms, a relaxation room, full service salon, steam room, and sauna. In the fitness center you’ll find cardiovascular equipment and can receive personal trainers on request. For meetings you’ll find 5960 square ft of space, with separate rooms for small groups. There’s also a business center with wireless Internet access.

For dining there is an elegant restaurant located on the lobby level called DJT. A private dining room is also available for up to 12 people. Cocktails and wine are served at the DJT bar. H2 is a Mediterranean and neo-Japanese bistro and bar located poolside.

The Trump hotel is located right across the street from the Fashion Show Mall, and a mile away from the Sands Expo Convention Center.

Trump Hotel Information
Rooms: 1,232 hotel suites and 50 penthouse suites
Average cost of room (Weekday): $100-$200
Average cost of room (Weekend): $150-$300
Average Room Size: N/A
Internet: Yes
Gaming Tables: No [non-gaming hotel]
Kids Friendly: Cribs are available
Pool: Yes
Entertainment: No
Pets Allowed: Yes – dogs
Weddings: Yes (6 wedding facilities googled)
Meeting area: Yes
Owner: Donald Trump
Check in time: 3 PM
Check out time: 4 PM
Location: 2000 Fashion Show Drive, Las Vegas, NV, 89109 United States
Reservations: Book a Room at Trump Hotel Suites

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Gallery Nightclub Las Vegas

The Gallery Nightclub in Las Vegas opened in 2011 inside the Planet Holleywood hotel. the club features a medieval gothic design created by designer Amy Kim of AK DesignNetwork. The almost 20,000-square foot club offers secret rooms, candlelit fireplaces made of glass, and sensual lighting through creating a mysterious ambiance. The walls are decorated with over-sized frames with artwork of exotic and voyeuristic photograph images.

The booming audio system with hit music spun by world renowned DJ’s mesh with the high-tech light effects to make the atmosphere of the club electric and exciting. They spin house, hip hop and todays top 40 hits. Overall, between the design, sensual art, lights, and music you will be left with the feeling that anything can happen here.

Some of the exotic rooms currently available to explore at the Gallery are the Main Room, Red room, and the Gold room. The Main room offers the massive dance floor, two bars, elevated DJ station, VIP booths, dancers, and even acrobats. While the Red room has 3D images on display that seem to follow you with their eyes. The Gold room features a sultry striptease dancer who performs inside a life size champagne glass.

The Gallery nightclub is currently open Wednesday thru Saturday from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. To make a reservation for bottle service and table reservations call 702-818-5700 or visit for more information. The Gallery club is next door to the Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Saloon that opens in May 2011.

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Andres Restaurant in Las Vegas

Andres Restaurant in Las Vegas is located at the Monte Carlo hotel. Since 1973, French chef Andre Rochat has established himself as a permanent restaurateur in Las Vegas with the popular Savoy French Bakery. Andre’s original restaurant in downtown Vegas opened in 1981. It has now relocated to the Monte Carlo hotel. The sleek and modern urban décor matches the superior food. The popular restaurant underwent a 2 million dollar renovation in 2009 including the addition of impressive floor to ceiling glass doors that look in to the wine bar.  Andre’s is a popular choice for wedding parties.

Andres Sample Menu:
Caspian Sea Golden Osetra or Beluga Caviar – 1 oz., Served with Condiments and Buckwheat Blini

Smoked Scottish Salmon with Green Asparagus Salad, Crème Fraîche Coulis Sevruga Caviar, Warm Brioche and Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

Pan Seared Foie Gras and Duck Leg Confit Fritter with Rhubarb Chutney, Toasted Walnut Raisin Bread, Frisée with Vanilla Ginger Sauce

Seafood Ravioli with Creamy King Crab Sauce Seared Scallops, Sautéed Tiger Shrimp and Crispy Fried Calamari with Roma Tomatoes

Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Stuffed with Crab Meat, Herbs and Mushrooms, Green Asparagus, Hickory Smoked Bacon and
Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Jus

Grilled Kurabota Pork Chop with Sautéed Baby Artichokes, Cipollini Onion and Mustard Greens with Spicy Apricot Sauce and Fried Onions

Herb Crusted Colorado Rack of Lamb with Green Lentils and Pearl Onion Stew Baby Sorrel, Golden Sultanas with Pinot Noir Sauce

Restaurant: Andre’s
Cuisine: French
Prices: $60 – $100
Reservations: yes
Attire: dressy
Best Table: Not specified
Wine list: excellent
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 5:30 pm to Closing
Location: Andre’s in the Monte Carlo Resort
3770 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV  89109-4337
Telephone: (702) 798-7151

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Hacked By Shade

Hacked By Shade

Hacked By Shade


GreetZ: Prosox – Sxtz – KDZ – RxR HaCkEr – GeNErAL – HolaKo – Golden-Hacker – ~Abo-Al EoS

Twitter: @ShadeHaxor

Last Minute Hotel Deals in Las Vegas

You can save up to 60% on last minute hotel deals in Las Vegas until April 30, 2011. Discounted hotel rooms start at $29 a night. Below are some of the top picks.

Siena suites – up to 60% off

Desert Paradise resort – stay five nights and save 50% off

Tahiti All-Suite Resort– up to 40% off

Club De Soleil – up to 40% off

ARIA Resort & Casino – get a $200 resort credit

Palace Station Hotel – up to 45% off

Polo Towers – up to 50% off a three night stay

These are just a few of the hotel discounts to choose from. To get this deal click the link below right now. Weekly Last Minute Deal! Las Vegas Hotels from $29 Expires 4/30/11

Elton John In Las Vegas

Elton John returns to Las Vegas to perform at Caesars Palace with a brand-new show. He plans on beginning a three year performance at the Colosseum theater called The Million Dollar Piano. Elton’s previous show the Red Piano was a huge hit spanning over five-years and 241 shows. For his newest performance he’s starting with the very limited amount of performance engagements.

Elton will be accompanied by his band with special appearances by percussionist Ray Cooper. Currently the members of the band are Davey Johnstone on guitar, John Mahon on percussion, Kim Bullard on keyboards Bob Birch playing bass, and Nigel Olsson on drums.

When asked about the show Elton John said, “Caesars Palace is just a perfect, idyllic place to play, and the show will be a gargantuan feast of music and imagery.” The show is called the million Dollar piano because Elton will be playing on his famous Yamaha piano he has been using for the past four years.

We’re not sure which songs will appear in the new show. However I think it’s safe to say you’ll hear some of his favorites and most popular hits such as, Bennie and the Jets, Tiny Dancer, Candle in the Wind, Your Song, rocket Man, Crocodile Rock, Island girl, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.

Elton John is a multiple Grammy award-winning legend and one of the most successful singer songwriters of all time. He’s been performing music ever since 1961 when his first band was formed which was called Bluesology. Recently in 2010, Elton toured with Ray Cooper, Billy Joel, and his band. In 2010 he also produced the Broadway musical, Next Fall and came out with a new studio album titled, The Union.

Tickets for Elton John’s upcoming show can be purchased at the box office of the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. You can also buy tickets for Elton John’s Million Dollar Piano show By Clicking Here to Purchase.

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